Your Motivational Quote for October 17, 2018

Hi, Shirley here from your PatientNextDoor support team.

How many times have you heard where people are trying to find themselves?

Finding oneself has been a phenomenon since the 1960s.  However, what is that isn’t what life is all about? What if we don’t need to find ourselves, but rather to reinvent ourselves every day.

That means we take who we are today and do gentle improvements not on where we are in life, but rather who we are.

By taking a long, hard look at who we are who we wish to be, we can create and recreate ourselves into the people that make planet earth and humanity so beautiful.

Just a message from me to you on this cool (in the United States at least) October day.

I count it a privilege and an honor to come to you with my thoughts on life and hope you are enjoying them as well.

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As always, we here at Patient Next Door love serving you and hope you will join us in aiding others in finding resources and hope.

From our hearts to yours, we want you to remember always that,

We really, really care about you.

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