Your Motivation for November 8, 2018

Hi again, Shirley here from PatientNextDoor.

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of England during the second world war, possibly the darkest time in recent history for that country.

His fellow citizens faced daily bombing from the Germans and loss of life was always on everyone’s mind.

Mr. Churchill knew pain, he knew pain, he knew what it was like to live through the hell of war.

Somehow he found the courage to give his country the emotional support and strength they desperately needed to make it through.

While the tragedy of war may seem an extreme example to compare to personal discouragement and problems, I submit they are very much the same.

We all go tough times now and then. Sometimes those hard times get really trying and seem like they will never end.

Some of us begin to think of taking drastic actions to end our pain such as running away from our families or even dying by suicide.

I have been there, I know. I have almost lost my life to suicide four times in my 58 years on planet earth.

If there is one thing I hope you will remember today, it is the message I’m leaving you below.

Yes, you may be living through the turmoil of hell today but what about tomorrow or a month even a year from now? What then? What good thing is right around the corner that you cannot see yet because it is in the future?

When I get ill with my depression and other problems, and I feel a spat of suicidality coming on, I remind myself of just that.

If I hang on, the fire of the current hell will sputter and die. Beyond the horizon of the “now” that separates me from my future may be the most powerful and wonderful experience I could have ever imagined.

Life is full of tragedies and triumphs. It’s all a matter of, like Winston Churchill so aptly put it, keeping going.

I hope these little notes I try to write to you during the week help you. I know they help me to remember who I am and that life is beautiful despite its trials and tribulations.

Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday. Shirley

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We care about you.



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