Your Motivation for November 6, 2018

Hi, it’s Shirley from your PatientNextDoor support team.

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of time with trial and error. I started to go to college when I was 18 and didn’t finish my Associate Degree until I was 56. I had a lot of illness and had to drop school over and over again.

But you know what? I kept trying and trying until one evening in 2016 I crossed the stage and received my diploma.

The victory of receiving my degree was made even sweeter because I had been trying so hard for so many years.

Edison could have given up trying to find the right filament for his new-fangled light bulb but he didn’t. He tried one after the other for years and on the 10,000th try met with success.

Isn’t that the gumption and power all humans possess? Some of us give up early believing they cannot succeed, but to many humans, a challenge that is difficult is something to be desired and cherished.

You see, that curiosity of what is around the next bend or around the next corner is what has driven our species to inhabit the entire globe.

I guess what I’m saying is this.

If you meet with a tough situation and can’t find the answers, that’s okay. Keep trying.

That doesn’t mean trying the same thing over and over again believing you will get a different result. That is one definition of insanity.

What it does mean is that we should never give up, especially on our dreams.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everybody!! Shirley

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We care about you.


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