Your Motivation for November 27, 2018

Hi, Shirley here with a few words of wisdom.

No one can be okay all of the time. It’s just not possible.

And you know what? That is totally and perfectly alright.

Nobody likes to feel bad, and sometimes admitting to others we’re down can be difficult.  However, that’s what I’m going to encourage all of you to do.

I have a hard time admitting to people who are close to me that I am feeling rotten. My reluctance stems from the traumatic childhood I had where my feelings weren’t validated.

Now I struggle to say, “Hey, I’m not okay!” even when I’m terribly frightened or ill.

I don’t know about you, but when someone asks me if I’m doing okay, my automatic answer is, “I’m okay.” Such an answer helps no one, especially me.

I’m trying to practice being honest and saying, “No, I’m not doing very well. Thank you for asking. Can you help me out?”

That is one of the purposes of PatientNextDoor. We want to always be reaching out to our members and each other in honest and open communication.

If you ever feel down or just need a shoulder to cry on, please, always feel free to contact us by email. If you need, you can also contact others who share the same concerns as you on our free and ads free phone app.

Don’t forget to download and utilize our free Patient Next Door app onto your smartphone.

As always, we here at Patient Next Door love serving you and hope you will join us in aiding others in finding resources and hope.

We care about you.

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