Your Motivation for November 23, 2018

Albert Einstein was one of the most intelligent men to have lived in the last century. He invented new ways of looking at physics that has revolutionized our world in almost incomprehensible ways.

But, did you know he was a bit of a philosopher too?

The quote by Dr. Einstein above says so much in so few words, but the message I get from it is special.

As people of the 21st century, we spend a lot of time concentrating on how smart or not smart we are comparing our abilities to one another. If we are wise, we do not allow ourselves to get caught up in the competition, but that proves much harder than it sounds.

When we meet someone who is not what we as a society has decided are “intelligent”, we often will either shun them or try to put them into an all-inclusive mold. This often leads to those with intellectual disabilities feeling either false, yet well-meaning statements about how they do at their tasks, or them feeling utter failures.

But, it isn’t only people with obvious intellectual disabilities who we try to shove into what we think they should fit into, it happens to ALL of us.

In the United States, we are taught in childhood that we can become whatever we want to be if we try hard enough. That isn’t true. People aren’t all born with the same talents or even the same levels of talents. That’s what makes a people strong and has kept humanity going for eons, the weaving together of all the abilities of a community no matter how large or small.

If you try to shove a carpenter into the mold of a painter of murals, they will probably fail and vise versa.

All of humanity needs to learn that everyone is valuable and a genius at what they are capable of doing. We must stop lying to people and be honest, looking at what they CAN do as opposed to what we think they SHOULD do.

You are special and so am I. Let’s remember to tell each other that we respect each other and work together to make being a member of the human race something to make us all feel proud.

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