Your Motivation for November 12, 2018

There is an old saying that I remember from my early years that comes from Christianity, “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good.”

It may be that the church picked up this saying from Theodore Roosevelt, or maybe the other way around.

No matter who began this intriguing thought the premise of it and message it conveys is relevant to all of us, regardless of our political or religious affiliation.

By keeping our eyes on the stars we can reach for a goal that may at first seem impossible.  Take for instance my own work at living a chaos-free life caused by dissociative identity disorder. When I began my journey the life I have now seemed far off and unreachable, yet I kept fighting on. I kept my eyes on the prize if you will.

But I kept my feet firmly planted in the reality that no matter how hard or long I work on the issues caused in my past, I cannot change that past. I can only learn to accept and use my past to propel me into a brighter future.

If we don’t pay attention to either keeping our eyes on the stars or our feet on the ground, we get in trouble quick.

By only focusing on the stars we forget the realities of life and will lose our dreams due to the frustration of the failures that will inevitably be a part of our search.

If we only focus on the ground, we forget our dreams and never go for them at all deeming them impossible to reach.

I may not be a master of understanding of life, but I do know that all humans need to do both to remain in balance and be happy.

I’m grateful to Randeep Singh and you for allowing me to come to you with these little pieces of motivation and the articles that I write for PatientNextDoor. I enjoy writing to you all very much.

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