Your Motivation for January 8, 2019

Hello again, it’s Shirley from the Patient Next Door Support team.

I apologize for being gone for so long, I have been very ill. Not a great way to begin the new year! However, from my illness, I have become more aware of the state of my body.

That’s where the statement in the above picture comes in.

How often do we take our physical health for granted? Especially when we are young, we think we are somehow invincible and will never sicken or die.

However, as we grow older we begin to recognize that perhaps we aren’t as invincible as we thought as aches, pains and illness begin to intrude into our reality.

It is never too late to begin to take care of your body. Never.

I began to pay closer attention to things like how often I take over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen, something I had never been concerned about before.  These drugs can be dangerous to our overall health even though they are available without a prescription.

Then there was my diet. I have gained thirty pounds in the last year and had already decided before my illness to be careful what I eat and get more exercise.

Although making changes to our lifestyles may seem an intrusion, the reality is quite different. If we wish to live longer and have reasonably good health, taking care of the bodies we inhabit is key.

After all, if your body is sick, all your plans and hopes can be dashed to pieces.

Bottom line, take care of your body. Like the saying states, you only have one place to live.

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As always, we here at Patient Next Door love serving you and hope you will join us in aiding others in finding resources and hope.

We care about you.

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