Your Motivation for January 24, 2019

Hello from Shirley and the Patient Next Door Support Team.

How wrapped up we all are in living. We are much so that we forget we only have a short 70-80 years of life on planet earth and that number is far from guaranteed.

How pitiful it is that we only realize what we have missed in life when we are forced to face our mortality.

I have spoken with many elderly people who lived in a nursing home tell me how they always thought they had plenty of time.

Plenty of time to enjoy their families after they retired.

Plenty of time to relax and enjoy living, later.

Plenty of time…

However, like the Buddha stated in the above quote, that is our problem. We always think we have enough time.

Perhaps it is more important to live, love and laugh today instead of waiting for a later that we are not guaranteed and may never come.


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As always, we here at Patient Next Door love serving you and hope you will join us in aiding others in finding resources and hope.

We care about you.

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