Your Motivation for January 18, 2019

Hello, it’s Shirley from your Patient Next Door support team bringing you some thoughts for your Friday.

People spend an awful lot of time looking back at where they have been. We spend time and energy thinking about and grieving lost opportunities, failures and what others have done to us.

But we shouldn’t because the past is gone and all we have is now.

There is a song by Meatloaf, “Objects in the Rear View Mirror  May Appear Closer Than They Are.” The lyrics of the song will leave you thinking hard about how you live your life.

The gist of the song is how we tend to look back at events in our life, and spend too much time in the past.

That ties in beautifully with the quote by Mary Engelbreit, which means don’t look back, you are moving forward into life not backward.

I am trying hard to take my own advice and think about today and planning for tomorrow instead of rehashing what has been. I cannot go back in time and change the past, so why not take the lessons I learned from it and use them to propel me into a bright future!

I have included below the song by Meatloaf. Listen to the lyrics, they may change your outlook on life.


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We care about you.



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