Your Motivation for January 10, 2019






Hello, Shirley here again. On the mend and ready to write!

Contentment. What does it meant to you?

Does contentment mean something you will have if…

…if you have enough money

…if you find the right mate

…if you live long enough

…if you fill in the blank?

I propose that contentment means a lot more and that you don’t have to wait for your if’s to happen.

Contentment means feeling satisfied and happy with your world, just as it is right now.

How can you achieve this feeling, you may be asking, if I am ill, unemployed, lonely, etc.? Perhaps instead of focusing on the things you do not have, you should focus on the things that you do.

Sit down with a piece of paper and a writing instrument, thinking about the things you have right now and write them down. Start with the simple things:

Can you see?

Can you hear?

Can you work?

Are you living inside a dwelling?

Are you warm enough?

Do you have enough to eat?

Then branch out from there.

Then, consider those who do not have the things you do. I guarantee you will soon feel grateful and content.

What’s the alternative? To live discontented and angry for your entire life because you didn’t get your ifs?

Think about that.

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We care about you.




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