Your Motivation for December 26, 2018

After a brief break for Christmas, we are back and ready to publish more posts we hope you find helpful.

In a little under a week, a new year begins.  How do you see the advent of 2019? Do you see it as an end of 2018 or as a chance to reset your life?

One cannot forget the past and in most cases, past mistakes cannot be erased. So, how does someone reset for the new year?

Why not begin by taking an honest look at the past year and write down all your accomplishments and failures. This includes at work, in business as well as your relationships with others.

After looking at them written down in front of you, decide which of these you wish to celebrate and forget. Decide how you could have handled the situation better in failures and think of ways you could have reacted or acted better in your relationships.

Then take that piece of paper, crumple it up into a tiny ball and throw it away.

It’s time to begin again.

It’s time to remember the lessons learned in 2018.

It’s time to move on working with a new slate.

It’s time to begin a new chapter in the book written about your life.

I love the video I’m going to share below because the lyrics speak to my heart. We are all, until we die, only books of life that are still unwritten.


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