Your Motivation for December 21, 2018

Welcome to Friday and the 21st of December, the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year.

For eons, the winter solstice has held magic for humanity. We’ve  built huge stone structures like Stone Henge and other wonders to mark its coming. It marks a point in the cold when humanity in the northern hemisphere on earth can begin counting down the days until the warmth returns once more.

This year the winter solstice is accompanied by some remarkable celestrial fireworks, a full moon and the Ursid Meteor Shower.

So, if you dare, bundle the family up nice and warm, take a thermos of steaming hot cocoa, sit outside and watch the celestial sky work its magic.

The full moon occurs Saturday, December 22nd.

The Ursids Meteor Shower will begin tomorrow as well and will peak December 24th, just in time for Christmas Eve.


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