Your Motivation for December 14, 2018

Hi, welcome at last to Friday!

The three words “I AM BUSY” describe almost all of us today. We don’t take the time from our busyness to take a breathe, let alone spend time with ourselves or our families.

I have heard friends and family members express how they would love it if their young children would suddenly be grown up.


Parents only get a few years with their children before they fly the nest.

Then I hear from other parents, “If I wasn’t so busy building my career, I’d spend more time with my kids and spouse.”


What if you die of a heart attack or in a car crash driving home from that job that keeps you “busy” today?

A Warm Sandy Beach is Calling You

The words in the picture above are set onto the image of a warm, sandy and inviting beach.

Can’t you hear the waves and the sunshine calling to you? Wouldn’t you love to give up on being busy long enough to pack up the kids and the spouse and head out for some relaxation and time together?

If you don’t take time to spend with them, you’ll blink and realize soon that your kids are grown and you don’t know the person you had determined to spend your life with any longer.

You have been busy.

My advice?

Hug your kids, play with them and cherish those few years when they look up to you as mommy or daddy.

Hug and tell your spouse you love them. Take them out for a quiet dinner in a nice restaurant and propose all over again.

Tell your boss you are going to spend quality time with the family. When they ask about your success, tell them it isn’t measured by how much money you make, but by the quality time you share with the ones you love.

Even if it means changing jobs now, later when you are older and your kids are grown you’ll have a pile of memories to share with them not regrets.


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We care about you.

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