Your Motivation for December 12, 2018

Good morning, welcome to Wednesday!

At first glance, this quote may seem a little obscure.

Here is my interpertation of it, if you have another, please, write them in the comments section below.

Everyone wants to trust in something. We buy insurance, go to college, and do other things because we trust that these external devices will help us feel secure.

However, there is one universal truth we all share, we are mortal and we are all vulnerable. These branches of security we trust are breakable.

In fact, it is an inevitable truth that the branch WILL break.

To help us prepare for the breaking of the branch, all humans have two choices to strengthen our wings.  Each choice leads to a different fate.

One choice is to ignore and not love ourselves or others.

The second choice is to spend our time on earth loving others and ourselves.

If we have followed the first choice and concerned ourselves only with shoring up the branch but ignored our wings and the wings of others, then when the branch breaks we will fall.

However, if we spend our time and energy learning to love ourselves, loving others, we will have strengthened our wings. So, when the branch breaks we will spread our wings and fly away.

The choice is yours, and it is mine.



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