Your Motivation for December 10, 2018

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Helen Keller was an exceptional woman. After losing her eyesight and ability to hear at the age of two, she nevertheless went on to graduate from college, give lectures and write books.

There are a few things about Miss Keller’s life that haven’t made it into the movies or popular culture.

The brilliant Helen Keller was forbidden by law to marry and have children because of her disabilities.

To be fair, at that time people didn’t understand genetics like we do today or they would have realized that Helen Keller’s disabilities could not be passed on to her offspring.

At one point in her life, Helen fell in love but she was not allowed to follow through with marrying the young man who loved her dearly.

So, Helen Keller lead a life full of heartache and loss.

However, there was an inner strength in her that is rare. She believed, like I do, that life is an adventure and something to be savored.

Even though she faced enormous hurdles all her life that she was forced to jump over, she still kept to her belief that set her apart from so many,

“Security is mostly superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Miss Keller admitted that there is a little bit of security, but she wanted others to know what an adventure life can be if we acknowledge it.

How wonderful is that.

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