Your Last Motivational Page for 2018!

Today is the last day of 2018, so let’s examine some vital truths about life together.

Hi, it’s Shirley from the Patient Next Door Support Team.

Forgiveness; it is a sweet word to some and a curse word to others.

If you have done something to hurt someone else, then receiving forgiveness is music to your hurting soul. If on the other hand, you have been hurt by someone else, then the words forgiveness makes you angry as you feel you need not to forgive someone for doing you great harm.

But, does the above saying by Desmund Tutu speak of either of those two concepts? Or, is there a deeper meaning?

Forgiving Ourselves is the Greatest Gift

Of all the people in our lives, who is it who harms us the most? If you raised your hand and said, “ME!”, you are correct.

Throughout our lives on planet earth we, being human, make lots of mistakes and some of those errors hurt us badly. I’m not just speaking monetarily, but physically, spiritually and emotionally as well.

So, in 2019, what is the best gift we can give ourselves? Forgiveness.

Forgiveness for doing stupid things and making ridiculous decisions.

Forgiveness for turning left instead of right.

What Forgiveness DOES NOT Mean

Forgiving ourselves DOES NOT MEAN patting ourselves on the back and repeating the same mistake or decision. Nor does self-forgiveness give us permission to repeat the patterns that hurt other people.

What it DOES MEAN we get up, brush ourselves off, examine what we should have done differently, make amends where possible and learn from our failure.

Then it is time to forgive ourselves and move on.

So, forgiveness truly does give us a chance to make a new beginning.

Happy New Year From Patient Next Door! 



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