We Desire Your Input on the PatientNextDoor Smartphone App and Blog Site

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We at PatientNextDoor are striving to make both our smartphone application and blog site full of helpful information tailored to the needs of our reading audience.

So, we are asking all of our family members, users and readers to answer a few questions so that we can make PatientNextDoor better.

They will only take a few moments of your time, and we appreciate very much hearing your answers.


-Is App meeting your expectations?

-What features can we add for you?

–  What other services can we provide for you?

–  In your opinion, what can we do to make this the PatientNextDoor phone application the best go-to App for people’s medical needs?


-Have we been meeting your needs with the articles we offer?

-What medical conditions (including mental health issues) would you like to see us write about?

-Would you like us to publish your story on our app and blog site?

Answer as many of the questions as you want or all of them and send them in an email to:


On behalf of the entire PatientNextDoor support team, I wish to thank you for your input.

As you can see, I’m a real human being who tries to help by offering insights, information, and a helping hand to meet your needs.

We are here at PNxd are working hard to establish ourselves as the friendliest and most helpful phone application and website on the Internet.

We will be successful in our goal only because of you.

Don’t forget to download and utilize our free Patient Next Door app onto your smartphone. With it, you can share the healthcare journey of you and your child with people who are facing similar conditions.

The app isn’t just free, it is ads free!

As always, we here at Patient Next Door love serving you and hope you will join us in aiding others in finding resources and hope.

We care about you and your family’s health.

And We Care About You! 

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