What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Many of us feel uncomfortable in social gatherings, become more concious when speaking in front of crowd, giving presentation or ordering from menu in restaurent. But when this anxiety become to much and the person is concerned about being harsly judged and evaluated for their performance or interpersonal interactions. Then it is social anxiety disorder. SAD is an out-of- proportion fear of one or more social suituations.

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Anxiety & Self Care

Anxiety and Self Care
Taking excellent care of ourselves can be easier said than done. Having anxiety can make tasks feel more difficult. Especially if our anxiety has been building for hours, days or even weeks. It is imperative that we create a life full of self care. We must practice daily hygiene, practice hobbies, relax and get an adequate amount of sleep. Anxiety can feel endless and relentless. However, we can practice good self care, push through our day and thrive through our tasks. The first step is creating a daily routine. The second step is sticking to our routine. This will give us strength through our anxiety.
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Does your baby suffer stranger anxiety/ separation anxiety? What, when and how to tackle?

What is stranger anxiety?

This is usually demonstrated by crying when an unknown or unfamiliar person approaches. Normally it starts at about 8 – 9 months and usually subsides by age 2 yr. Stranger anxiety is related with the child’s developmental task of distinguishing the acquainted from the unacquainted. Both the duration and intensity of the nervousness(anxiety) vary greatly among kids.

Some babies show a strong preference for one parent over another at a certain age, and grandparents may suddenly be viewed as strangers. Anticipating these happenings during visits helps prevent misinterpretation of the behavior. Comforting the child and avoiding overreaction to the behavior are usually the only therapy needed.
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