A Sudden Storm – Leukemia Survivor

My name is Sanghamitra Roy and about one year ago, my life changed forever… I was diagnosed with leukemia–a form of blood cancer. This was a huge change from the past four glorious years—the best phase of my life so far. Between 2014-2017, my husband and I received promotion and tenure at our jobs; we received a lot of national and international recognition for our research and travelled several countries of the world with our child. However, since my diagnosis, it has been an incredible journey and I would not have been able to fight this without my two warriors: my husband Koushik and my son Deep.

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My journey of confidence

My name is Sanghamitra Roy and I have struggled with low self-esteem, self-doubt and a need for validation from others. I’ve grown up having a pessimistic attitude for a large part of my life and then moved over to the confident side of the spectrum. A part of my reason may be growing up as a young female in a culture where females were expected to be non-confrontational and subdued. However, anyone who is open to change and growth can take the step towards a more confident self. And this applies to people fighting a serious disease as well. The points enlisted below are inspired by my own life journey.

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