I’m not a supermom
I’m not a supermom but I get that a lot. Having a child with Autism does not make me one.
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ADHD Medications- Parents Guilt, Rising Drug Abuse and Doctor’s Dilemma
One of the most challenging, yet an ignored, aspect of ADHD and autism management is to understand the dilemma the
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David’s story with Epilepsy
The seizures in my life that have brought with them pains that will never go away. They become a part
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Simple breathing technique for destressing
By Shatrunjay Krishna PatientNextDoor Have a patient story to inspire others? Facebook Comments
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Can your autistic or ADHD child live a normal life?
The word ‘autism’ or ADHD might have left you feeling devastated when you were first told about the diagnosis. For
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What is PatientNextDoor?
PatientNextDoor is a community where patients connect, share and heal together. App lets you embark on a path to wellness
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