The mommy therapist
Like many autistic kids, my son  has poor fine motor skills and it affects his everyday life a great deal.
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Autism – A Puzzle We Should Solve!
The word ..”Autism”.. Is used a lot around now days.. But I had never heard of it until 3 years
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When a kiss from my son broke a common autism myth for me
It was a usual start of the day – the 3rd day of sleepless night for my son and me,
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To Whom Care Is Given – 49 And Autistic
We often hear about the work of care givers, the hardships and sacrifices made in the process of caring for
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How my son’s autism changed me
The other day I was talking to a complete stranger at my son’s summer camp’s bus stop. We chatted like
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I’m not a supermom
I’m not a supermom but I get that a lot. Having a child with Autism does not make me one.
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ADHD Medications- Parents Guilt, Rising Drug Abuse and Doctor’s Dilemma
One of the most challenging, yet an ignored, aspect of ADHD and autism management is to understand the dilemma the
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