FACTS ABOUT ADHD (Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder)

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood disorders, affecting 1 in 20 school going children.

The primary symptoms are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

It is recognized by World Health Organization(WHO ).

ADHD is not just a childhood Disorder, long term studies have shown that ADHD is a lifespan disorder and it does not resolve spontaneously. Symptoms of ADHD may persist into adulthood in 60-70% cases.

The symptoms of ADHD may change as the child gets older and he/she may learn to cope, but that’s not the same as outgrowing ADHD. People with ADHD typically have great deal of difficulty in completing routines of daily life in time and keeping focus on a task at school or work.

ADHD doesn’t just affect boys but girls are also affected. Girls with ADHD aren’t usually hyperactive compared to boys, they more often present with inattention.

It is important to know that not all kids with ADHD are hyperactive, in some children it may present as predominantly inattentive type.

There are persistent difficulties in managing time, organizing and staying focused. They may appear “Day-Dreamy”, often fail to follow through the instructions or repeatedly fail to finish school work or routines.

How doesADHD affect children in school?

• ADHD may affect their friendships, extracurricular activities and family life.
• Socially they may have trouble making and keeping Friends
• Find it difficult to play in teams because they find it hard to focus and follow rules.
• Often have conflicts with parents and siblings because they don’t follow instructions at home.

Is ADHD result of Bad parenting?

The problem is a medical condition, not indiscipline. Children living with ADHD cannot control their impulses. In fact, overtly strict parenting and / or frequent punishingly classroom teachers, for the things that child cannot control- can make ADHD symptoms worse.

ADHD runs in families with a heritability chance of 5%.

Are the children on ADHD medication more likely to turn into drug abusers as they become teenagers?

If ADHD is not treated, there is an increased risk of drugs or alcohol abuse. Appropriate treatment reduces the risk.

The medication used for treating ADHD are proven safe and effective for treatment under medical supervision, with over 50 years of usage.

Many successful creative entrepreneurs, sports artist and academic achievers are living with ADHD .

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