Putting a Human Face on Multiple Sclerosis

There is a disease that is chronic, progressive and has changed the lives of millions of lives around the globe. The condition is called multiple sclerosis (MS), and it is a global life-threatening disease that strikes humans of all ages and religions. It is too easy to sit back and think that you or your family are safe from MS, but that would be hiding your head in the sand.
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“The Monster in My Brain” One Woman’s Struggle with Multiple Sclerosis

“I was walking across the kitchen carrying a hot iron, and it fell out of my hand. I picked it up and dropped it again. After trying several times and dropping the iron, I knew something was horribly wrong.”

Thus, begins the story of the struggle of Mrs. W. with the disease that was to alter her life forever, multiple sclerosis.
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What is PatientNextDoor?

PatientNextDoor is a community where patients connect, share and heal together. App lets you embark on a path to wellness by researching treatment options, recommending care providers and traversing the journey together.

To be diagnosed with a chronic or rare medical condition —or to be a caregiver for someone recently diagnosed — can be heartbreaking. The challenges are many and can range from finding the right doctors and the best treatments, to staying up-to-date with the latest medical research and finding emotional support.

At PatientNextDoor, we believe the best healthcare guides are fellow patients. Connecting with others in similar circumstances can provide much-needed support, motivation and information.

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