Anxiety & Self Care

Anxiety and Self Care
Taking excellent care of ourselves can be easier said than done. Having anxiety can make tasks feel more difficult. Especially if our anxiety has been building for hours, days or even weeks. It is imperative that we create a life full of self care. We must practice daily hygiene, practice hobbies, relax and get an adequate amount of sleep. Anxiety can feel endless and relentless. However, we can practice good self care, push through our day and thrive through our tasks. The first step is creating a daily routine. The second step is sticking to our routine. This will give us strength through our anxiety.

If we need to ask for help from others or change our schedule, self care must become a priority. If we are not practicing good self care, it can trigger additional anxiety. Also, our anxiety can build from other things on top of that. Picture a toddler building blocks. Each block is a trigger. The tower of blocks is our anxiety. Eventually the tower of blocks falls down.

Let’s make a list of triggers in this tower starting at the beginning of the day:
• Missed alarm
• Skipped shower
• Wrinkled clothing
• Unhealthy breakfast
• Heavy traffic
• Work stress
• Sick child at school
• Dinner stress
• Build up of housework
• Pet/child care
• Unexpected bills
• Lack of sleep

As we can see, the first few triggers were a lack of self care. Our self care is the first building blocks. Self care starts with hygiene, clean clothing and healthy food. This is where we take advantage of our free time and when we are feeling good.

Some triggers simply cannot be avoided. However, there are healthy solutions during the times of triggers such as heavy traffic or unexpected bills. We go over that more in depth in The Anxiety Warriors. If we are feeling good about ourselves, anxiety will not have as much to build on. If we find that we aren’t having as much time for self care in the morning, what parts can we accomplish the night before? In this example, showering and meal preparation can be done the night before.

Getting adequate amounts of sleep can prevent missing alarms. During some free time, clothes can be ironed. If there is an ample amount of money, a dry cleaner service can be utilized. To solve the problems of an unhealthy breakfast as well as heavy traffic, we can pack healthy food such as fruit and nuts to eat during our commute.

Being a family member, friend and/or pet owner can keep many of us very busy. Also, working full time, part time and even going to school can limit the time we have for ourselves. Our everyday lives can lead us towards a lack of self care. This lack of self care can trigger our anxiety. Making sure that we are spending enough time on ourselves is so important. (Read more in The Anxiety Warriors available on Amazon.)

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