Anxiety and Health

Health and Anxiety

Having anxiety can force us to focus more on ourselves and our health. The goal is to limit our anxiety as best as we can. In addition to talking with a psychiatrist and/or therapist as well as taking any needed medication, there are many steps we can take as far as health is concerned. We can start with a balanced diet. In addition to eating a balanced diet, it is important to eat regular small meals throughout the day. Also, staying hydrated is important. Not being in optimal health alone can trigger anxiety.

In addition to self care and nutrition, fitness plays an important role. Fitness can look different for everyone. Some of us have other ailments in addition to anxiety. These ailments may limit our mobility. But instead of focusing on what we can’t do, we can focus on what we can. If we can’t run then we walk. If walking is hard, we can swim or do arm workouts. We can try yoga or even simple stretches. There are many fitness videos available online that we can get tips and ideas when it comes to exercise. If finances and mobility allows, joining a gym can be a great choice for those of us with anxiety. There are different types of gyms for all ages and activity levels.

Also, when it comes to health and anxiety, having a hobby or multiple hobbies can be a great solution to stress. Here is a list of activities that can ease anxiety symptoms:
• Drawing
• Painting
• Walking
• Listening to music
• Dancing
• Playing an instrument
• Journaling
• Gardening
• Making crafts
• Spending time with friends and family
• Calling a loved one or friend
• Joining a support group
• Joining a fitness group
• Spending time with pets
• Reading
• Watching a favorite show
• Watching a new movie
• Cooking
• Meal planning
• Budgeting
• Making a schedule
• Traveling
• Playing video games
• Playing a board game or cards
• Volunteering
• Swimming
• Stretching
• Sports
• Projects

Feel free to add any more hobbies to the list that help ease anxiety.

Another important step when it comes to health and anxiety is education. Educating ourselves when it comes to anxiety is imperative to our health. There are many more books available at our local libraries and online. Also, there are support groups at hospitals and churches or online. Talking with loved ones and friends can also help us to educate the people around us and to understand them as well. The more we learn about our anxiety, the better we can understand what we are feeling. We will also see that we are not alone. We are all in this together. We are The Anxiety Warriors!

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Amy Perez has a Master’s Degree in General Psychology. She has worked in Miami, Florida with people living with various mental illnesses. She has spent many hours inside mental health facilities with a first hand patient perspective. Amy lives in Florida with her family and orange tabby. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking and spending time in nature.
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