A Scientific Guide To Rewiring Your Brain

Our brain is one of the most underestimated and under utilised human organ most of the time. For ages we thought that our brain can not be changed and it is fixed. But, recent research shows that consistent practice can alter the neurons and create new pathways. It is possible to rewire your brain.

Below infographic details the essence of what we know about neuroplasticity and how it works. It was created by the folks at Alta Mira, a San Francisco-area rehabilitation and recovery center.

Author: Mrugank Patel
Mrugank Patel is the founder and principal coach of Manage Your Mind- MYM.
Mrugank Patel used to be a Management Consult for 15 years in Fortune 500 companies in Australia. He quit the rat race in 2015 and now as a Psychotherapist, is helping people create rich, full and meaningful life.
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