We Want To Publish Your Health Stories

Hi, it’s Shirley and I wanted to personally send out invitations to all my friends here on PND.

As you know, PatientNextDoor is a free and ads free blog site and phone app that offers a no-cost social network for people all over the world to connect and share their healing journey with each other.

Currently, I am the monitor of the smartphone application and we are beginning to see people coming daily to share their fears, desires and offering hope to others who understand what they are going through.

Using data-driven tools, people using our phone app can:

  • Share and compare treatment experiences with the people having similar medical conditions.
  • Track their progress over time to check treatment effectiveness.
  • Stay updated with information that’s important to them.
  • This includes trending discussions, doctor recommendations, personalized news, local health events and much more.

The app can be downloaded from both the Apple or Google stores.

We are looking for stories of hope and help to publish on our blog site http://blog.patientnextdoor.com/ that will then be shared to our phone app.

I wanted to ask you personally if you would be interested in sending in your story of your healing journey. It doesn’t matter if it is mental or physical health conditions that you write about, we only ask that you follow our guidelines and make your piece shine a light of hope at the end.

Please, contact me at the clicking the below link to receive the submission guidelines.

I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing them on the PatientNextDoor.  Shirley

Send your requests for our submission guidelines to:






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