Early Intervention and Autism

Current estimates reveal that approximately 1 in 59 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, commonly referred to under the blanket term “autism.” Autism is a spectrum, and there are other similar disorders that fall under the same umbrella, such as PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorders, not otherwise specified). In an extremely young child, such as a toddler, these other disorders may present as an autism diagnosis. As the child becomes older, a proper diagnosis is more abundantly clear.
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A Gen-Xer’s Mystery Solved

I was born on an Air Force Base in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1969. We later moved to the Northwest when I was two years old. Because I was born in 1969, this makes me a part of a generation known as Generation X. I can write a lot about life in our age because of my fascination with human history, but this story will focus on a particular mystery that dogged a certain Gen-Xer throughout her entire life. That Gen-Xer is me.
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Surprisingly Complicated

In 2003 our boys, Adem and Eren, were diagnosed at 15 months old with autism. At the time, we found very little information available to figure out what to do. Not only did we have difficulty finding a playbook, we also didn’t know what to feel. I remember getting off the subway on my way to work because I couldn’t handle watching a father embarrassed his little girl was singing him a song she learned in school in public. How can you be embarrassed? I haven’t even heard “Mommy” yet.

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Autism – A Puzzle We Should Solve!

The word ..”Autism”.. Is used a lot around now days.. But I had never heard of it until 3 years ago. My son was 18 months old. At every well check visit at doctors office for his 1st month or 6th or 1st year shots, I saw posters about delays and red flags of autism in the hall way of doctors office, which every parent should be aware of. At his 18 months check up, we were at Ann Arbor, MI. Doctor gave us a questionnaire to look at. It had 4 parts. 1st had questions related to Social-emotional, 2nd Communication, 3rd Fine motor and 4th Gross motor. The 1st two sections went blank, I had no answers for them. The last two were all ‘Yes’..

That made me think, the 1st time ever! He had severe delays in social-emotional and communication side of development. These were the actual “Red Flags”, this word too was new!
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Somatoform Disorder

Mrs. Nisha, 35 years old, home maker, having two sweet kids, loving husband apperantly seems happy and satisfied. But when talked to her she shared her agony. On and off she suffered from body ache, abdominal discomfort, numbness in hands and legs, lump in throat and unusual vaginal discharge. Even after repeated lab tests and physical checkups, reasons were not traceable. This all put her in more stress and frustration.
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Fighting and winning the battle with Breast Cancer

Nobody wants to hear that diagnosis being uttered for them or their loved ones.

The diagnosis of cancer brings us face to face with the reality of our mortality. Everything changes with one single word, “cancer.” Life doesn’t remain the same anymore. Intense fear, dread, pain, and hopelessness, are usually the words that ring a bell in one’s mind when the word “cancer” is mentioned.
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How I wish the brain grew all throughout life

Kyra’s struggle started at birth. She was 12 days overdue, born at 41 weeks & 5 days. I was in labor for more than 48 hrs, my water broke and I had no knowledge when. I also developed a fever during the time. I was hooked to oxygen, I.V and fetal monitor for almost 8 hrs to see if the labor would progress. At one point, the fetal monitor showed decreased baby activity and a dropping heart rate. She was stuck in the canal very very low where the doctors could feel her head but she wouldn’t move. They told me she had to be immediately taken out.
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When a kiss from my son broke a common autism myth for me

It was a usual start of the day – the 3rd day of sleepless night for my son and me, the struggles with brushing his teeth, the challenges with his breakfast and finally helping him dress and get ready for school. Nothing new about it.

As parents of kids with special needs, certain challenges get so routine , they don’t seem challenges anymore until you see a neurotypical child and parent go through their day and wonder “Hmmm… so that’s how it would have looked like” !
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Deep Breathing to control anger issues in children!

Children learn more from peers not parents

It requires commitment and patience to teach mindfulness to your kids. We want to make it fun for kids to learn the art of deep breathing.
Research suggests that mindful meditation can train the ADHD/ADD brain to better concentrate, hold focus, control impulsivity and anger issues.

To help kids understand the underlying message, we suggest you do following:
– Watch the video with you kids
– Record their response like “what they learned from this video?”
– Post their response clips in comments on our YouTube channel/blog
– Hear those response. Nothing cuter than that!

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When does a child start talking? What to look for and when to seek help?

The most demanding period for acquiring speech and language skills is the first 3 years of life, when the brain is developing and maturing. These skills are best developed in a world that is rich with sounds, sights, and consistent exposure to the speech and language of others.

There are certain critical periods for speech and language development in infants and young children. This is the period when the brain is best able to absorb language. If these periods are missed without exposure to language, it will lead to learning difficulties.
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Does your baby suffer stranger anxiety/ separation anxiety? What, when and how to tackle?

What is stranger anxiety?

This is usually demonstrated by crying when an unknown or unfamiliar person approaches. Normally it starts at about 8 – 9 months and usually subsides by age 2 yr. Stranger anxiety is related with the child’s developmental task of distinguishing the acquainted from the unacquainted. Both the duration and intensity of the nervousness(anxiety) vary greatly among kids.

Some babies show a strong preference for one parent over another at a certain age, and grandparents may suddenly be viewed as strangers. Anticipating these happenings during visits helps prevent misinterpretation of the behavior. Comforting the child and avoiding overreaction to the behavior are usually the only therapy needed.
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To Whom Care Is Given – 49 And Autistic

We often hear about the work of care givers, the hardships and sacrifices made in the process of caring for those they love, but it is rare to hear from those who need that care and the perspectives from that side.

I am 49 years old and autistic. These days, my symptoms are minimal, but that wasn’t always the case. I was developmentally delayed in many ways, in language, motor skills and intellectually. I did not speak until age four and required several years of speech therapy. Many simple physical skills also eluded me, such as tying my shoes or those requiring balance, like riding a bike or even running in a straight line. This was the 1970’s though and mild to moderate autism was seldom officially diagnosed. I was just considered ‘slow’ by adults and ‘weird’ by other children.

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How my son’s autism changed me

The other day I was talking to a complete stranger at my son’s summer camp’s bus stop. We chatted like old friends meeting after years.There is something that bonds us all together…the experiences, the pain, the joy ,and the lessons. There is so much to share. We finally parted, promising a lunch date along with some spa time…knowing well, it was easier said than done 🙂
On my way back, I thought… I was never the kind of person to just approach someone and start talking. I preferred the comfort of familiarity. And today, here I was, chatting with someone I had never met and feeling the most at ease about it. It got me thinking – my son’s diagnosis of Autism has changed me as a person. It was time I gave Autism it’s due.
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