Creating an Individual Education Plan For Your Special Needs Child

Parenting a child with special needs is filled with unexpected challenges. Few of us are prepared to support our unique offspring with extraordinary medical needs or non-neurotypical processing of their environment.

But, they are our children, so we learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Today we will tackle creating an individual education plan for your special needs child. We must consider planning, implementation, and refinement. Building an incredible team is absolutely imperative to developing a customized plan that develops your child’s strengths even as it mitigates their challenges. And, finally finding ways to include your child in the process gives them ownership of their education and helps with motivation.
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I’m not a supermom

I’m not a supermom but I get that a lot. Having a child with Autism does not make me one. Please let me be weak and let me cry, let me make mistakes, let my guard down, and let me just be a mom, a wife ,a woman, not a “super-someone”.

The day Vedant was diagnosed with Autism, life handed me a cape and said “now you fight and never stop doing so”. But there are days when I’m exhausted. I want to simply kneel down and wish that never again should a mom have to fight for what is rightly her child’s and hope that the world will be more sensitive to any child who has challenges.
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ADHD Medications- Parents Guilt, Rising Drug Abuse and Doctor’s Dilemma

One of the most challenging, yet an ignored, aspect of ADHD and autism management is to understand the dilemma the parents are facing.

Parents of children suffering from these conditions are left emotionally drained. They experience immense emotional upheaval and often burden themselves with a feeling of guilt and regret.

Even for a doctor, it can be difficult to understand what exactly the parent feels or goes through. The extent of pain, guilt, and worries that a mother and father feel for their kid with a behavioral or learning disorder can never be known to any other!
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ADHD/Autism Parent Poll: Top issues you need help with

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Autism Poll: Regrets or things you’d have done differently

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David’s story with Epilepsy

The seizures in my life that have brought with them pains that will never go away. They become a part of us, they journey the paths we take and go wherever we go in life. We can never get rid of them, but we can try to understand, accept them, and learn to deal with them through acts of pleasure that we experience in life. Let me explain the seizures that I live with everyday. I have primary generalized epilepsy (onset seizures):

Motor symptoms may include sustained rhythmic jerking movements (clonic), muscles becoming weak or limp (atonic), muscles becoming tense or rigid (tonic), brief muscle twitching (myoclonus), or epileptic spasms (body flexes and extends repeatedly).
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Food Allergies- Symptoms and beneficial home remedies

Are you drinking a glass of milk daily? Do you like eating eggs? “Yes”! It’s good. Your diet plan has nutritional foods on the list.

Wait! Have you ever experienced any allergic reaction symptoms such as congestion, runny nose, itching around mouth, sneezing or a swelling in your throat after consuming your favorite food? If yes, then you may be suffering from allergy.
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Can your autistic or ADHD child live a normal life?

The word ‘autism’ or ADHD might have left you feeling devastated when you were first told about the diagnosis. For any parent, it can be too difficult to come to terms and accept that their child suffers from these behavioral disorders.

Also, the lack of awareness about autism and ADHD that make their management even more difficult.

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